Monday, January 31, 2011

Hands for Dilum

Post Regarding PayPal account which Narada Binku made

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Dilum Dissanayake (aka Ilandariya), a Sinhala blogger, is suffering from profound sensory neural hearing loss for a period of one and half years.

This hearing loss cannot be improved with medical treatment, according to his doctor, Dr. D. S.C. (Shantha) Perera, MBBS, MS, DLO, FRCS, Consultant ENT & Head and Neck Surgeon, National Hospital of Sri Lanka Colombo. I do not want to repeat the other details given in the following two posts by Dukaa and the blogger himself. I am told the solution, surgical treatment with Cochlear implant will cost about Rs. 3 million.

This is
a campaign to collect donations from online donors. To donate directly to Dilum's bank account, here are account details:

Name: D.M.D.T.B. Dissanayake
Account Number: 71408612 (Bank of Ceylon, Matale.)

IMPORTANT!: The PayPal account used to collect donations is Narada Thomas' (aka Binku). The reason for this is PayPal don't allow receiving payments for Sri Lankan accounts. And as Binku is a resident of Canada, he is able to collect donations using his PayPal account and he'll transfer collected donations to Dilum Disanayaka's bank account.

Willing to remain anonymous? If you need to remain anonymous after making a donation, please mail your name on credit card requesting to hide your name from donors' list to narada AT love DOT com

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